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PE Sport Group Pty Ltd

PE Sport Group Pty Ltd, based in Melbourne Australia operates under the brands PE Sport Specialists™ and SportsGuard™.  The company was established in 2014 to cater for the needs of sports event managers and has grown rapidly in the space of sports recruitment and onhired services in coaching, match officiating, and event first aiding.  The company is particularly interested in personnel, scheduling, training, risk management, and recruitment. With both PE Sport Specialists™ and SportsGuard™ the group combines recruitment, training, and publication of jobs in the sports event specific field.  We provide the highest quality of professional services for our customers affirmed by our key objectives.



PE SPORT specialists™

The PE Sport Specialists brand is our labour hire business fielding multi-disciplinary candidates across a range of sports and is particularly focused on the education sports market.  We provide match officials, sports coaches, convenors, and casual relief PE teachers into the local labour markets, as well as our specialist SportsGuard™ first aid training and deployment capability.  


The company provides sports event first aid services using our brand SportsGuard™.  We provide training and eduction services, under the auspices of our partner registered training organisation.  Our courses offer nationally accredited qualifications in sports event specific first aid - they have been designed specifically to prepare first respondents to deal with incidents typical of the sports event environment including on and off the field.  At the same time, as a labour hire platform, we deploy trained first aiders into our clients scheduled events which gives us a specialist offering in in-house training and deployment.  .


Our key objectives: