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Email:  team(at)pesport.com.au

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Reasons to choose PE Sport Specialists

  • Long and deep understanding of school requirements
  • Extensive network of PE Teachers, Coaches, Referees and Umpires
  • Geographical reach within Melbourne, across Australia, and Internationally
  • Our staff are available 24/7, on a call when needed basis
  • Specially insured for our unique working environment
  • Peace of mind from our stringent compliance checks
  • Customer service, prompt and easy to deal with


  • We offer value for money – we pay our staff excellent rates of pay and remuneration and our school rates are the most competitive on offer
  • Quality assurance – we are committed to quality and will put the best teachers into our schools
  • We have strict checks and clearances for all our prospective teachers for the safety and security of our client schools
  • We respect our teachers and treat them as professional educators
  • We are honest and fair in all our business relationships so our clients know they can trust us