Who We Are

PE Teachers | Referees | Umpires | Coaches | First Aiders

We are everyday ordinary Australians from every walk of life, we come from all corners of the Australian community.   We generally work in our sports capacity part time or to pursue our sports as a hobby when we're not on duty in our main jobs.

For the company, utilising citizens off duty from their main jobs and those seeking fulfilment for their hobby gives us a large and diverse cross section of Australians available for deployment into school sports events.  

We are all vetted and accredited in accordance with stringent compliance checks based on national standards.  

We are united in our passion for sport and our common goal to instil the values of sportsmanship and fair play as we teach, coach, referee, umpire, and provide our support services at sports events.

If you're not onboard already, we'd like you on our team, please join us.

We are:



  • doctors
  • paramedics
  • firemen and women
  • police officers
  • real estate agents
  • security guards
  • supermarket workers
  • aviation workers
  • teachers
  • students
  • retirees
  • sports trainers
  • physiotherapists
  • social workers
  • food preparation workers
  • lawyers
  • bankers
  • accountants
  • farmers
  • manufacturing plant workers
  • IT workers
  • scientists
  • government workers